October 2001: the play "Colours of Life" with Tatjana Aton (actress and authoress), Gerlinde Zickler and Rudi Staeger (drum-set and percussion)

Cinematic project with Janes Zingitis from Riga (painter), Cheikh Niass from Senegal (painter), Mag. Reinhart Buchegger from Tulln, Österreich (painter and teacher), Laura Stasiulyte aus Litauen (cinema and photography).

Residential building
Residential building for mentally and physical handicapped people."Miteinander Leben" (live together) is a association for handicapped people.

Cuvée « Rosenmaedchen » 
A stock for people with particular needs: Rosenmaedchen red or white wine. For each bottle of wine saled 0,50 € for handicapped people.

"Art Bridge 2001" Tulln/Autriche - M'bour/Senegal.

The book Rosenmaedchen "Leidenschaften und Kunstgenüsse"