Each grain knows about its destiny when it emerges from the soil. However, no human being knows about its destiny when it is born. Art is likewise. There are so many means to an end. I am far from having found all of them. Still, I have found the way to my own self.

When painting in oil, I immerse myself into turpentine, linseed oil paint and mastic. The colours are then mixed into a variety of shades and hues, dark and bright. They may be pasted onto the canvas in a consistency that varies from extremely lean to extremely rich.

n the canvas I encounter people who have entered my life. Inside me I implore them to get involved in an adventure with me, and beseech them to share my small workshop with me.

Like a butterfly that evolves from a puppy, people evolve in different shapes and share a span of my lifetime with me. There are days when I damn them, just to love them again afterwards. It is an eternal struggle and I try with all my might to show people the way I love them.

The paint is smoothly rubbed onto the canvas with my fingertips and then removed again with a flannel cloth. With the help of a fine brush I design a shape to create a friend.

I need to know that person in order to risk such an encounter; otherwise I would just paint a hollow shape.

I keep thinking that there are a lot of people with courage, strength and perseverance. Yet there are only a few who can express themselves in painting and want to do so.

It is my probably my holistic approach to the slumbering forces of nature that allows me to express myself my portraits of people.

An internal vision and an above-the-average emotional sensitivity make it possible for me to portray people in a completeness that encompasses substance, soul, spirit and energy. .